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Lubricleum focuses on the distribution of petroleum and chemical products. We are the sought after one-stop partner for the needs of all vessel companies in the world as we have one of the widest service coverage and our proven track record to meet the growing demand for fuel, chemicals, and transportation.

Lubricleum is proud to be the authorized commercial fuel partner in Malaysia for major oil companies namely Petronas, Shell, and Petron as well as Petronas Chemicals Group.

Quality, reliability, and safety are of the utmost importance in the way we conduct our business operations in line with our core values and the high standard of the industry. Our growth over the years is the result of our passion and dedication to the quality of our products and services.

Fuel Bunkering - supplying using ships


Marine Fuel Oil (MFO)

Marine Gas Oil (MGO)

Light Fuel Oil (80 cSt)

Light Fuel Oil (120 cSt)

Medium Fuel Oil (180 cSt)

Industrial Diesel


RON 95

RON 97

Fuel Oil and Diesel


Urania 500

Urania 800

Urania 3000

Circula Oil

Hydraulic Oil

Gear MEP


Gris EP/LC

Gris EPI


Lubricants Fuel Malaysia



As a fully integrated energy company, we focus on downstream gas supply activities as a means of delivering high quality LNG and sustainable products for the both the domestic and international markets.

Through our investment and collaboration with strategic partners, we aim to provide a wide range of downstream activities including:


• Virtual Pipeline System

• Permanent Storage Solution

• Temporary storage Facilities

• Regasification plant

• LNG Bunkering


Bunker Fuel Malaysia

Our offshore fleet provide Ship-To-Ship (STS) bunkering services on demand

Image by Oxa Roxa Vessel Services

Vessel Services

We offer outsource services catered according to our customers’ needs 

Shaking Hands Oil Brokering and Trading

Brokering & Trading

Our customer service focused team sort out any request in any extent

Image by Aron Visuals

Credit Facility

 We serve flexible credit terms for our customers to support their business growth 

Inland Fuel Distribution

Inland Fuel Distribution

Our inland transportation team with various tank sizes are able to handle any volume requested 

pipeline fuel supply lubricleum

Pipeline Fuel Supply

We supply fuel to ships at registered ports and terminals through pipeline

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